Paying Off a Ticket? Pump the Brakes.

Paying Off a Ticket? Pump the Brakes.

Hire a traffic ticket attorney in Charlotte, NC

Thinking about giving up and just paying that traffic ticket? Think again-you could seriously damage your driving record by doing so. Hall & Dixon PLLC can go to traffic court on your behalf and contest your ticket.

Our traffic attorneys have extensive experience handling traffic tickets and will make sure that your rights are protected during the legal process. We'll do everything we can to keep your driving record as clean as possible and negotiate to reduce your current charge.

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Hall & Dixon, PLLC Traffic Attorney's

North Carolina's Hall & Dixon PLLC can represent you when you've received a traffic ticket. Our attorneys are experienced at handling charges such as:

In Need of a DMV Hearing?

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Hall & Dixon, PLLC can help. Our criminal defense attorneys know the ins and outs of North Carolina's Traffic law and DMV Hearings. We'll examine the details of your driving history and apply them to your case carefully and make sure all proper legal procedures

You can rely on our team of dedicated Traffic and DMV Hearing Attorney's to negotiate with the North Carolina Court System and DMV Hearing Officer, if needed, on your behalf and do everything possible to reduce the effects and consequences of a revoked or suspended license. Schedule a FREE consultation for your DMV Hearing by calling or texting 704-993-6825.

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