We have all been there, you are driving down the road and you see blue lights flashing behind you on the highway. An officer then writes you a speeding ticket and then sends you on your way. Although a speeding ticket may not seem like a big deal, it can leave lasting consequences. Further, a speeding citation is usually in the form of an infraction, however, speeding can also be a misdemeanor. If you are convicted of speeding, a couple things could happen:

•• Affect your driving record--possibly resulting in a limited or permanent suspension of your license
•• Affect your insurance rate--insurance rates can rise by hundreds of dollars per year

It is important to know what to do when you are pulled over. When the officer approaches your vehicle, say as little as possible to the officer. It is also advised that you stay polite and respectable to the officer. The officer may be able to use your behavior against you in court. If you feel as though the officer was incorrect in writing a citation, be sure to write down the events that occurred so you can remember all vital details.

From this point, you have two options available to you. You can go to court and attempt to fight the ticket or just simply pay the fine as listed on the citation. If you plan to fight the ticket, you will need to be prepared to show the District Attorney why you feel as though you should not be convicted of the speeding violation. This will take up the majority of your day, as traffic court usually has long wait times.

However, if you choose to simply pay your ticket, you are automatically pleading guilty This means you could face points on your license, points on your insurance, and a possible suspension of your license.

The attorneys at Hall & Dixon are constantly in traffic court and have established a great reputation in dealing with these types of cases. If you hire Hall & Dixon, not only will we handle all the negotiations with the District Attorney, but we would also appear in court for you and you would not have to attend court, at all. Further, Hall & Dixon understands the complex laws surrounding traffic tickets and will ensure that we get the best deal, whether that means a full dismissal or a negotiation to where you will not lose your license.

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