Misdemeanors and Felonies: What is the Difference?

In North Carolina there are two main classes of crimes in North Carolina: misdemeanors and felonies. Misdemeanors carry much less severe penalties and are broken into four different categories. Said categories are divided up based upon the amount of prior convictions that a criminal defendant has been convicted.

(No Prior Convictions)
(One to Four Convictions)
(Five or More Prior Convictions)
A11-60 days1-75 days1-150 days
11-45 days 1-45 days 1-120 days
21-30 days 1-45 days 1-120 days
3 1-10 days (fine only) 1-15 days (fine only unless more than three prior convictions)1-20 days

Felonies carry much more severe penalties with the least severe, a Class I Felony, being punishable up to 24 months in prison. Felonies are typically broken up into 10 different categories with the more serious felonies being A, B1, B2, and C.

*The following sentences are in months and are in the presumptive range.

0-1 Pt
2-5 Pts
6-9 Pts
10-13 Pts
14-17 Pts
A Death or Life Without Parole; Defendant Under 18 at Time of Offense: Life With or Without Parole
B2125-157144-180 165-207190-238219-273251-314
C58-73 67-83 77-96 88-110 101-127117-146
D 51-64 59-73 67-8478-97 89-111 103-128
E 20-25 23-29 26-3330-38 35-44 40-50
F 13-16 15-1917-2120-2523-2826-33
G 10-13 12-1413-17 15-19 17-22 20-25
I4-6 4-6 5-6 6-8 7-9 8-10

If you are charged with a crime there could be varying penalties. The most common forms of penalties are: fines, community service, unsupervised probation, supervised probation, and active jail time.

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