To most people, receiving a speeding ticket is more of an annoyance than anything. Some people completely ignore their tickets, while others just pay the fine to get the process handled. Although a speeding ticket seems almost harmless, the consequences that a speeding ticket can cause can actually be pretty serious.

I forgot about my ticket and missed my court date, what happens now?
If you did not appear at the court date listed on your speeding ticket, you now have what is called a "Failure to Appear." A failure to appear has two significant consequences: (1) you are now assessed a $200 fine and (2) the court has notified the DMV of your absence and the DMV will SUSPEND your license. The only way to remedy the suspension of your license is to get your speeding ticket placed back on the docket, or in other terms, to get another court date. This is a complicated procedure, as you cannot just arrive at the courthouse and ask for your speeding ticket to be added back to the docket. Many times, you will need a judge's signature to allow your case to be added back on to the court calendar. It is HIGHLY recommended that you hire an experienced traffic attorney to get your case added back to the docket.

I paid the fine listed on the back of my ticket: what happens now?

Once you pay the fine associated with your ticket, you are automatically pleading guilty to the speeding ticket. It is important to understand that pleading guilty to a speeding ticket will add points to your license AND insurance. The amount of points that you receive when paying for traffic ticket depend on the speed at which you were traveling.

What are points and why are they important?
License points are points that are added to your license for moving violations, like speeding. The reason why points are so important is because the North Carolina DMV will suspend your driver's license if you accrue 12 license points in 3 years OR 8 points in the 3 years following a license reinstatement. Your license can be suspended anywhere from 60 days to a year.

How many points are assessed from speeding tickets?
•Speeding (>10 mph over limit when speed limit is > 55, but <76) = 3 points
•Speeding when limit is 55 mph or greater= 3 points
•Speeding when limit is 55 mph or less= 2 points
•Speeding (10 mph or less over limit when speed limit is less than 55)= 2 points

When your license will be automatically suspended by paying fine:

• Speeding in excess of 15 mph over the speed limit, when the speed is over 55 mph
• Speeding in excess of 75 mph where the speed limit is less than 70 mph
• Speeding of 80mph where the speed limit if 70 mph


As you can tell, a traffic ticket may seem minor, but it can have some severe consequences ranging from increased fines to license suspension. It is always important to contact a skilled and experienced traffic attorney to assist with your traffic ticket. The traffic attorneys at Hall & Dixon PLLC are in traffic court frequently and understand the complex laws surrounding speeding tickets. In most situations, the traffic attorneys at Hall & Dixon can appear on your behalf for the speeding ticket and you will never need to appear in court. Contact Hall & Dixon today for a FREE consultation. Call or text 704-993-6825.

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