North Carolina does not take assault cases lightly, especially when a person is arrested for assault by strangulation. Assault by strangulation can be found here- N.C. Gen. Stat. ยง 14-32.4. This charge is extremely serious and can be accompanied with heavy consequences. Assault by strangulation is a Class H Felony. Depending on the amount of prior charges that a person has, someone convicted of a Class H felony could face a range of 5-6 months to 16-20 months of active jail time.

Elements of Assault by Strangulation
In order for a person to be guilty of assault by strangulation, a person must do four (4) things:
  • commit an assault
  • on another and
  • inflicts physical injury
  • by strangulation.

What is Strangulation?
The actual definition of strangulation is "the condition in which circulation of blood to a part of the body is cut off by constriction." The North Carolina statute does not expressly define "strangulation," however courts usually use the common meaning of strangulation to define whether an act constitutes strangulation or not. So long as there is any physical injury to a person done by the act of strangulation, a person will be guilty under this offense. The most common cases usually deal with constricting involving the throat of a victim.

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