Where to Find a DWI Defense Attorney in Charlotte, NC

Where to Find a DWI Defense Attorney in Charlotte, NC

Hall & Dixon PLLC can represent you when you’ve been arrested

Arrested for driving while under the influence? Hall & Dixon PLLC can help. Our attorneys know the ins and outs of North Carolina’s DWI laws. We’ll examine the details of your case carefully and make sure all proper procedure was followed during your arrest. If we find any evidence that can be used in support of your defense, we’ll make note of it and present it in court.

You can rely on us to negotiate with the judge on your behalf and do everything possible to reduce the effects of a conviction. Schedule a consultation for your DWI charge by calling 704-993-6825.

Hire a DUI Defense Attorney in Charlotte, NC

Do you know what’s at stake in a DWI case?

Charlotte, North Carolina’s Hall & Dixon PLLC  knows the serious consequences that can come with a DWI conviction. Our attorneys will make sure that you do, too. If you don’t take the proper steps to prepare yourself before going to court, you risk:

  • Heavy fines
  • A suspended license
  • Jail time
  • Probation

Get in touch with Hall & Dixon PLLC to learn more.

For us to best serve you, and to determine the best solution for your case, please use the below link to order you non-certified driving record. The record is ($10.00) and should be downloaded sent as an attachment to kesly@halldixonlaw.com. Once your record has been reviewed, we will be able to fully discuss what can be done for your case. If you have any questions regarding this process or your case please contact us anytime.